Hi there, I'm currently looking for a full time opportunity at Singapore-based company, starting earliest at Jan 2017.
For more details, please view my resume.


About me
  • Undergraduate student
    Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore, Computer Science.
  • Administrator
    Indonesian Wikipedia, since 2013
  • Alumnus
    TOKI (Indonesian IOI Team) 2013, top 30
  • Vice President (Dharma)
    NTU Buddhist Society, 33rd Management Committee
  • Resume
    Resume in PDF, updated Sept 2016
Find me
  • Blog
    Personal blog
  • Facebook
    I'm very active on Facebook!
  • Twitter
    I visit Twitter occasionally.
  • LinkedIn
    View my profile at LinkedIn.
  • E-mail
    Most prefered way to contact me.
  • C#
    mostly in Xamarin, mobile apps
  • JavaScript
    Favorite language, web front-end
  • HTML
    and CSS; web front-end
  • PHP
    5, mostly for web back-end
  • Python
    Prefer 3
  • C++
  • Java
  • SQL
    Intermediate, rusty
  • Python
    Most recent language used in my GitHub
  • My GitHub
    I open-sourced many of my side-projects at GitHub, have a look!
  • Raun
    Tool for monitoring Wikipedia's recent changes in near real time.
  • c4 - Connect Four
    Built using HTML5 technologies with AI implementation as the opponent
  • code
    Collaborative code editor using Firebase for real-time connectivity and Sphere Engine for code compilation.
  • plan*
    NTU Course Planner helper, replacing manual brute-force in STARS Planner.
  • Honorary Mention
    ACM-ICPC Regional KL (2014), Singapore (2015), Phuket (2015)
  • Bronze Medal
    Top 30 in Indonesian National Olympiad in Informatics (2012)
  • Wikimania Scholarship
    For international Conference at Mexico City (2015); Esino Lario, Italy (2016)
Fun facts
  • 24,000+
    Wikipedia edit count :)
  • 60+
    GitHub stars received
  • 1,374
    Codeforces rating
  • 600+
    HackerNews karma
  • 30,000+
    E-mails in my Gmail inbox
  • 3,000+
    Number of Tweets