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    I actively maintain a personal blog,and occasionally writes about my random thoughts.
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    I visit Twitter occasionally,so don't expect a quick reply.
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Find me
  • A undergraduate student at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore,majoring in Computer Science.
  • An Indonesian Wikipedia administrator
  • An alumnus of SMA Sutomo 1 High School,Medan,Indonesia
  • A programmer,mostly web programming
  • An alumnus of TOKI (Tim Olimpiade Komputer Indonesia;Indonesian Computing Olympiad Team)
About me
  • My GitHub
    I open-sourced many of my side-projects at GitHub,have a look!
  • Lihat masalah
    An online judge using ideone API.
  • Raun
    Tool for monitoring Wikipedia's recent changes in near real time.
  • Experiment Ground
    I hosted my older projects here,some of them are not working properly anymore.
  • Steamy Bites
    The project for my university course CZ1002:Introduction to Computing Systems.